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M:M // There and Back again
June 25 2006
Well, I'm back. It was wonderful, but I suffered a sunstroke and a gastrointestinal infect. So it will take a little time to report!

It always touched me to see the mongolians worship God. Unbelievable, such a childish faith, a great potential. Almost anytime during this festival there was this awesome presence of God, I saw some miracles (an elderly woman of our team was healed in her eyes. She could not read things in close distance and now she was showing it to everyone!)

I was really happy to have been there. A lot of things I feared did not happen at all. The flights were not so bad as the flight last year to Thailand (my first flight then). The flight back to Berlin really was fun :)

Before reaching the festival place some of us slept at a wonderful guesthous called Oasis. I tell you it's a dream:


Held by an german-austrian couple with normal toilets, warm showers and western food. And we slept in this wonderful round tents, the gers! A paradise compared to the place we had to stay during the festival. Such a grace :)

Most of the time the weather was wonderful, the sun was shining, almost no wind. The strange thing there is: it is extremely hot but you are not sweating at all. You really have to drink a lot. So every fluid has to leave the body at the toiltet. A real challenge when you have seen the toilets there :(

But the best is: when I had to leave I really was sorry that I had to go. I really would have liked to stay at least a week. What a great change! But as I was sick I was glad that I was able to leave nevertheless.


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