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M:M // HELP - their work there
June 26 2006
On Monday before the festival begun we had the chance to visit some places in Ulaan Batar where HELP International is working on Monday before the festival begun. It was very moving to see how many people are literally saved from death.

There is a big alcohol problem. During winter (almost the whole year) many drunk people are lying on the street. They will freeze to death if no one is bringing them in into the warmth. So a team is collecting them. They can stay for the night and get eventually some new clothes. Then they have to go again.

One of them is coming regularly to church services. For years now he never touched again alcohol because he was so thankful that his life was saved. A real miracle because those people are really addicted to alcohol!

There is a church in Sharhad amidst a ger-district and a wonderful new kindergarden for 50 kids. Even in the middle of UB the mongolians live in these Gers, the roundtents. After the festival a team came back there for outreach. I had the ability to join them for one day - one day before my flight. It was wonderful though I felt very sick. That was really a wonderful team. Only women and a married man. With many of them I stayed a lot of times during the festival, Keith was my praying partner.

We had a genious prayer and worshiptime together. It flowed, some of the songs we sung I just had on my lips. We had many words with water and living streams that the drought over mongolia will be ended - spiritually and naturally! When we begun praying for certain ones of us some psychic wounds broke up and many cried. A very intense time. And really a wonderful team that fittet perfectly together.

Me and another woman (Ulla) had another meeting in the evening cause it was our last day. So we did something different than this team that stayed a week longer. We went together with Ingrid, who was leading this outreach, to visit some people in their gers.


The poorest of the poor. Not to compare to our wonderful luxurious gers in the guesthouse. Everywhere where garbage, the gers had no foundation build directly on the dirt of the ground and no fence surrounding it. In the first one only a boy was at home, the rest of his family was on the way. Ulla tried to tell the gospel. Finally we prayed and (very important) embraced him. I think he was touched.

In the second Ger lived two men without work laying all day long in bed. Again only one of them was at home and in fact still laying in bed. The women agreed this being my job - gulp. This den was even poorer and smaller, they defacated into a bowl at the entrance. I told him that Jesus would be his best friend and that he could tell him everything whatever it would be: sorrow or joy, rejoicing or wrath. We could pray for him too (and embrace him). Ulla told him about her son who hung around in his bed for three years and now has a wonderful computer company. I believe Jesus touched him deeply.

I very much liked another service. There is a tower on the top of UB. In the bottom levels live many children together who were former street kids. In the top level there is a prayer room for mongolia. It is open for all the churches of the city. You have a wonderful from there over the whole city. Wow, I really would have liked to stay longer there.

Finally I want to talk about another place: In one of the ger distrikt there live a young man with his family taking care of a boys flat share. He himself lived a long time on the street dealing with drugs. When he heard from Jesus he even gave his life to him. But he didn't really follow Jesus, never left his milieu. He did this only recently. But now he is red hot and has this wonderful service in church. You really can see Jesus in his life. He literally is beaming!


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