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M:M // The festival
June 27 2006
Finally I am able to report you about the festival itself. Tuesday afternoon we were going to the festival ground.

But before we had a meeting with Tommy Femrite for the intercessors. She teached about intercession and we talked how it would work there in this ministry. As violence would be the strongest force over mongolia we should not complain, grumble or moan. Instead we should bless as we want to be a blessing for this nation and not a curse. I was lucky cause we had such a wonderful place with this guesthouse and nothing to complain about.
Another answer would be the mercy inercessors who often prayed by their tears. I never thought that I could be one of them. For years now I had not been able to weep. But we were told that especially those who heard that they should not cry and those who swore not to weep any more could possibly be mercy inercessors! So I am obviously one of them. We had to stand up and we got prayer. Nice!

Then we were divided into the prayer teams. My prayerpartner was Keith whom I knew from the prepararion weekend. He said to me: It was obvious to him that we would be together.

Over rough and smooth we went then to the festival ground in a very full bus. We passed the luxurious Hotel Mongolia, a former temple. The street was very bad and dusty. But the landscape was excellent. We went along a river shore, in the background the hills and we passed interesting villages with spotted modern buildings.

After we arrived we first set up our things. There was a hall in a building behind the stage. On the left side the women had to sleep, on the right the men, divided just by a curtain. The toilets were very adventurous too. A little wooden hut, the floor had flagstones and in the middle a small gap. Everything had to pass through this. Within a short amount of time it was very scruffy and it smelled like in the hog house. Wonderful! As you almost did not sweat every fluid had to come out of the body here. There was a water container there, but the faucets gave no water. There were no showers there. The only chance would have been to wash in the icecold river. The mongolians slept in tents. It felt a little bit like freakstock. But the landscape was much better!

And then the festival finally begun - though a little delayed. A mongolian band opened up using the traditional horse-head fiddle. Very moving! As a few riders with banners arrived on the top of the hill behind many begun to weep. Everyone made fotos and had tears in their eyes. So had I. Finally they raised a cross and came into the festival ground. And everytime the mongolians participatet on full volume. It always touched me to see the mongolians worshipping God. At the night times it was always full before the stage. And the young and the old were there. To some extent the old were dancing even more and wilder. There was a mongolian hallelujah song that became kind of a hit. Everyone was singing it even afterwards.

As the prayer team we were on duty from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Perhaps there were about 50 intercessors partet into 5 teams with leader and coleader for each. Our leaders were great. Chung Chi from singapore and Sarah from USA. The team was completely German. It was funny to talk and to pray in English when we had our meetings :).

Every hour we made something different: Walking, Rejoicing and Resting. During the walking time we walked praying over the place with open eyes of course to see what happened and how the spiritual atmosphere would be like. There were a few buddhists and shamanists trying to curse us. As the were doing it by walking we were undoing by walking as well. Some of us experienced some interesting stories.
As we were rejoicing we joined the worship and prayed that people would be let into the presence of God. And resting were of course the breaks that were far too short. It was pretty cool to be part of it though it was very exhausting. It was very hot and the air was really dry. At the latest of the afternoon of the second day I was finished. And during the whole of the third day I was lying down unable to do anything more. So I almost do not know what happened all day.

Every day at 9.00 am and 5:00 pm there was a wonderful thing: Tommy Femrite, Billy or Gila Rohsmann gave a teaching about prayer for the mongolians.


It is wonderful to see the mongolians worship but it is even greater to see them here. After every sentence (that of course had to be translated first) the screamed together: "Amen!" There were always practical issues about prayer.

Different ways of prayer: Sitting, lying, with raised arms, kneeling and walking about. One expression was to reach in the different directions in the sky and to proclaim the truth of God over the land. Very powerful. One day we had the chance to pray for a deaf man. He was healed. Praise the lord!

On Friday afternoon Andy Park was playing once more (he played a lot of delirious stuff. Wonderful!). He led into a ministrytime that was all about acceptance, the father's love of God and very intimate times with Jesus. He asked the intercessors to pray for the people. He said sometimes God comes quick sometimes it takes time. So he took a lot of time for this thing. That was such an intense time full of God's love.

So I prayed for the people. Though they did not understand a word they were really open. And I went through the ranks and prayed for the people. Suddenly a young girl went under the power of god down to the ground. I took out my umbrella and held it over her so that she would not lie in the full sun. The girl was crying and intensly praying. A few steps away demons were going out of another woman lying on the earth. Then two other intercessors prayed for an elder man I prayed before. Suddenly he was falling on his face. He was lying there, his cap before him crying real hard. When he raised to his feet again there was only dust on his nose. Nothing seemed to happen to him, he was unhurt.

Finally someone laid another umbrella over the girl and I could move on. I searched for Keith, my praying partner. I found him praying for a young man. I went to them to give them shadow and pray with them. Exactly as I was putting the umbrella over them the man was falling down. I did not even had the chance to put down my daypack. Crazy!

At the night times most of the people were worshipping. It was always full there at the stage during these times. It was said that there were about 4,500 participants. Many of them had to work during the day I think. On one evening with Walter Heidenreich and Tengerin Doo about 50 people followed an altar call to give their life to Jesus.

As I had to get up early in the morning I could not stay as long in the night as I wanted. As our sleeping place was directly behind the stage we didn't miss so much. So I could not sleep so very well. But the presence of God was always strong. If you could not sleep so well it was at least in the very presence of God. That always touched me.

There were some stands where you could by food. It really tasted quite well. We often got some of these flesh bags that were very tasty. Then we had rice and chicken or a meat skewer (this tasted more like rubber). There was lemonade (Fanta) too. But all different sorts tasted the same and were awful.

I could tell so much more but I will stop here. I only just want to tell that the leadership thanked us so effusively. Every teamleader had the chance to say thank you to his team. That was great! I hope there soon will be another chance to make intercession in this way!

At the end we had to help to dismantle the festival. I felt very soon sick again so I was laying down again. They burnt all the garbage. What an awful smoke! How great it was to be back again in the guesthouse and having the chance of a wonderful and long shower. That was soooo good. Now there was no dust in the hair all the time and I could really relax.

On the last evening we had a meeting in a wonderful chinese restaurant. The food was delicious. We talked about the festival. I was feeling bad again cause I had fever. There were told great stories. Now, what's next?

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